What should I do if my pests have resistance? Try these tricks!

Nowadays, agricultural planting has been inseparable from the problem of pests and diseases. Some people say that pests and diseases have corresponding pesticides . What should be done when the pests develop resistance? This article will explain in detail the treatment of pests and diseases after drug resistance. method.

Mixing other drugs

If the systemic drug is mixed with the contact agent, the time when the pest is resistant to the systemic drug will be greatly delayed; the compound drug application can also delay the resistance of the pest and disease, and the control effect is remarkable. improve. If carbendazim is mixed with carbendazim, the methicillin-resistant gray mold can be killed with carbendazim, while the resistance to carbendazim can be killed by carbendazim. The resistance of the bacteria to carbendazim and carbendazim was significantly reduced after such mixing.

Make full use of effective low concentration

The effective low concentration is the concentration with the best effect and the lowest concentration. The administration of a drug is started from an effective low concentration, and it is not desirable to increase the concentration arbitrarily. The vegetable grower should use the effective low concentration of the instructions, or reduce the application concentration after the test, so that the application amount is less. As long as the effect is good, the application concentration should be reduced boldly. If the recommended concentration of pesticides is 600 times, the test proves that the control effect is still excellent when it is 1000 times, it should be used from 1000 times.

Mixed synergist

Mixing synergists is an effective way to slow down the resistance of pesticides. The medicines are not used much, the number of times is not increased, the effect is particularly good, and the resistance of pests and diseases is difficult to produce quickly. It is also possible to add a lotion, a neutral detergent, a mineral oil, a vinegar, etc. which increase the adhesion, the osmoticity, and the pH value, and these can be used as substitutes.

Change drug type

Replacing different types of drugs is the first choice to solve the resistance of pests and diseases, and can immediately change the situation of poor control. Different types of drugs, different principles of insecticidal sterilization, can significantly improve the control effect once replaced.

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