What are the special pesticides for controlling mulberry pests and diseases?

What are the special pesticides for mulberry pest control, and the China Pesticide Network Xiaobian for you to introduce:
1. Green plant brand 60% enemy horse emulsifiable concentrate (formerly known as double-effect phosphorus), registered by the Ministry of Agriculture, is a special pesticide for mulberry trees, with short residual period, strong contact and economic security. When using, each backpack sprayer water (16 liters) plus 15 ml (medicine dosage is 400-600 mg / kg), in the 10 days before the picking leaves, the effect of controlling larvae, wild crickets and other lepidopteran larvae is also good.
2, Green Plant 40% Duowei (Sangbao) EC, is the only registered in the mulberry tree by the Ministry of Agriculture, and has become the main special pesticide in the sericulture areas such as Jiangsu and Zhejiang. The variety is packaged in injections, 4 ml each. When used, each sprayer with a backpack sprayer water (16 liters) is used for 8 days (summer) to 15 days (spring and autumn) before harvesting, which can effectively control lepidopteran larvae such as mulberry and wild pheasant. Worried. When using, do not arbitrarily increase the dose (medicine dosage is 50-100 mg / kg), mulberry leaves are safe for silkworms.
According to the pesticide network , mulberry mites have not registered special sericulture drugs at home and abroad. In order to control mulberry mites, silkworm farmers in Haining and Huzhou choose 73% acetylene emulsifiable concentrate. The variety has been registered on citrus and vegetables, and the effect of controlling mites is very good, but it is necessary to master the dosage. Each backpack sprayer water (16 liters) plus 4 ml is sprayed 15 days before picking.
The requirements for sericulture pesticides are very high, and silkworm farmers should consult the local plant protection department. There are few pesticides registered on mulberry trees at home and abroad, and only a few varieties have different quality. They must pay more attention when using them:
1. It is necessary to select the registered special pesticides for mulberry protection, and recognize the brand and factory name. Beware of some enterprises that are mixed with other pesticides and pesticides with low purity to cause silkworm poisoning.
2, sericulture sprayer should be as special as possible, because the sprayer used other pesticides (such as chrysanthemum) will be very toxic to silkworms. Be sure to wash the previously used sprayer thoroughly before using it.
3, farmers choose sericulture pesticides (such as 73% acetylene emulsifiable concentrate), must choose the products produced by large enterprises, and start from the low concentration of the first test, to achieve the effect and the use of silkworms can be used without toxicity.
4, to silkworm sensitive to pesticides, use of pesticides must be controlled dosage, so as not to prolong the residual effect caused by mulberry leaves to feed silkworms silkworm poisoning, while not being the pesticide drift to other mining mulberry leaves mulberry.

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