Paint companies start to use digital marketing

Paint companies start to use digital marketing

The interactive marketing of Weibo and WeChat is too numerous to enumerate. In 2014, innovative grabbing red envelope marketing can provide some examples of active digital marketing. We know that the amount of cash for grabbing red envelopes is very small. There are even more exotic coupons such as the “15-dollar vouchers for Maserati” and “$5 vouchers for Asian travel”. However, this is not important. With the WeChat circle of friends Widely used, people need more and more “interactive circles” and are eager to join the circle! Because of “friends' friends and friends”, more and more people have opened the function of “Wechat Payment” - because of Entering an interactive circle and opening up other functions, this kind of marketing is not direct but very effective.

Paint companies use digital marketing full of "popularity"

It is very important to form a “multi-industry linkage” with a digital platform with “vitality”. A cooperation agreement has been reached with some “public accounts” with a certain number of views. It has reached a link with some well-known bloggers, illustrated individuals, and media giants in the industry. Their circles have become a circle for your home furnishing brand marketing, with multiple growth, and continuous circles. expand.

There are other similar industries in the circle. The so-called similar industries, such as wooden doors, also interact with home improvement companies, kitchen appliances, sanitary ware, flooring, ceilings, and closet cabinets to form an exchange circle. When a party has customers, all parties benefit. Achieve a share of interests; usually organize online and offline events in different industry circles to make the circle solid.

There is also a "crowdsourcing platform" that learns to use the digital information age. Crowdsourcing helps the Internet to change the relationship between brands and consumers. For example, the Threadless T-shirt company in Chicago, USA used crowdsourcing to design new T-shirts. A large number of amateurs use their spare time to design various types of T-shirts and upload them to the community's online forums. Then other members of the community vote for the best designs. The winning designs were produced by Threadless and distributed in limited quantities and sold to members of the online community. The entire Threadless's main business processes, including product innovation, design, screening, sales, and feedback, all occur within a strong relationship community, and the community continues to add new members.

In the home industry, there are also many examples of crowdsourcing. For example, IKEA has attracted customers to participate in the design of a multimedia home plan by hosting a “genius design” competition. The winners will receive a prize of 2,500 euros, and their works will be put into production and market.

There is the home crowdsourcing model of e-commerce. is an e-commerce company that uses the crowdsourcing model. publishes a number of trendy furniture designs on the Internet, and consumers vote on their favorite furniture. , And directly to the netizen voted out of the furniture design to the Chinese factory production orders. Afterwards, the furniture produced will be transported by sea to the homes of British consumers. In this process, in addition to consumers, and the factory, there are no other middlemen, saving a lot of operating expenses.

When we look at its core, whether Threadless or IKEA,, its core assets are a huge community of fans. Build or join a circle of home-based enthusiasts and use the power of enthusiasts as much as possible. Not only is it creative, but there are also many other information that you could not even know or imagine. This is especially true for industry trends, consumer perceptions, and even direct marketing. There are benefits.

Of course, in addition to some of the author's shallow digital marketing, Ice Bucket Marketing utilizes consumers’ vanity, mobile newspapers use wage earners’ busy status, and happy farms use university students’ simple group interactions. These are digital marketing models that deserve to be studied. Home-owners should open up their ideas, just as this digital age is not breaking through one and another Roman avenues. There is no end, no fear!


Based on the above digital marketing function points, digital marketing has broken the bottleneck of the traditional marketing in the home industry, and opened a new marketing model with a new digital concept. In the platform where companies display APPs, businesses can better display their home products, promote their own brand culture, and establish a good brand image, so as to obtain more consumers' favor, effectively improve sales performance, and firmly grasp Live market opportunities. For home companies themselves, the appropriate use of digital marketing to a certain extent can enhance the sales of corporate products, enhance corporate awareness, play a good role in propaganda for the enterprise. The digital business philosophy is in line with the needs of the times, and it also meets the need of consumers to “go home and easily purchase”. The one-click digital marketing model offers the most convenience to consumers with the most streamlined procedures, while also bringing a steady stream of business opportunities and lucrative profits to merchants.

True digital marketing should be based on the needs of consumers, and it should be based on service consumers. Enterprises should combine service and technology to create a new service experience for consumers. The development direction of the home industry must be promptly adapted to the shift in consumer lifestyles and consumer behavior. Clients such as WeChat cannot be directly converted into resources, but through this "one to one" communication, customers can understand the company's products and services. Not only a platform for information dissemination, but also a platform for "communicating" with consumers. Only when both parties interact effectively, can they really achieve results in "digital marketing."

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