Detailed analysis of the main problems of sliding bearings

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Detailed analysis of the main problems of sliding bearings

Source: China Bearing Network Time: 2018-01-02

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1. Corrugated surface corrosion: Spectral analysis revealed that the concentration of non-ferrous metal elements was abnormal. The sub-micron-scale wear particles of many non-ferrous metal components were present in the iron spectrum, and the lubricating oil exceeded the water and the acid value exceeded.
2, the external appearance of the journal: spectral analysis found that the concentration of iron is abnormal; there are many sub-micron particles of iron in the iron spectrum; lubricating oil moisture overrun or acid value overrun.
3, the external appearance of the journal: there are iron-based cutting abrasive black oxide particles in the iron spectrum; metal appearance has tempering color.
4, fretting wear behind the tile: spectral analysis found that the iron concentration is abnormal; there are many iron components in the iron spectrum sub-micron wear particles; lubricating oil moisture and acid value is abnormal.
5, bearing external strain: found in the iron spectrum cutting abrasive; abrasive particles are non-ferrous metals.
6. Wafer surface shedding: There are many large-scale fatigue-shedding alloy wear particles and layered abrasive grains found in the iron spectrum.
7. Bearing burnt tile: There are many large-scale alloy abrasive grains and black metal oxides in the iron spectrum.
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